Artist: Mellow

First song out: Broken Pieces

Second song out: Something

Mellow is a new singer/songwriter with a fantastic unique voice.
She definitely has her own style of writing songs both with soultouch and popflow and has written songs together with Melisha since 2007.
The lyrics is written with depth and passion and are describing feelings that every girl can relate to.

Her upcoming album is a mix of different sounds and styles, always with a mellow tone and with an undertone of classical music. In fact, in the upcoming album there is one remake of the songs is an entirely classical version which is a rare type of remix/remake of a song.

Lyrics and melodies are written and performed by Mellow and all music is written, played and produced by Melisha. You will be able to buy the music online at all music stores. By doing so you are supporting this independant label aswell as the songwriters/artists in our quest for creative freedom.