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Hi, how are you doing? So you surfed to this spot on the i-net! Nice 🙂

I have to warn you about reading my “about-story”. After thinking it through, I decieded to be very open and honest. Because if I dont do it this way, my story is just going to create more questions. So here it goes.

My name is Melisha Lisa Linnell and I work as a recording engineer, musician/composer and music producer here in my studio, Powah studio in Brewhouse Gothenburg.

I breathe and live music. My head is in constant music vibration. I love it. It loves me. 😛 🙂

I have been a musician and composer for as long as I can remember and I got my interest for music production early in life, very much thanks to my father Bo Erik, who is a sound engineer with a burning interest for sound and recording. In the 80´s, he was one of the owners and engineers of somewhat famous studio “Studio Bohus”, now called Bohus sound Recording. And of course my mother Elise, a singer who sang with Anita Lindblom and in studio recordings with a vocalist group called united singers.

I was always very interested in this subject and I learned my first music program (MIDI/DW) “Cubase” already when I was 11 going on 12. This first project was music to a school performance with my older sister, and I remember it very well. And I kind of noticed how much fun it was and how exiting it was to arrange and produce elements of different instruments in combination with each other to make a symphony of harmony, melted together.

Even though my mother and father separated and we lived apart when I was teenager, my dad always provided me with recording tools, and I am forever thankful for that. Unfortunately my mother struggled with alcoholism when I was teenager and I moved out very early, at the age of 15. (Listen to the song ”My alcoholic me”, its about this) I had a lot of hard experiences and unresolved issues from growing up in a shattered family. With not much contact with my father and mother. I was very alone for most of my teenage years.

But my interest in creating music just increased. I used Cubase al through the nineties, until 2000 when I changed to Logic Gold :) I had been so fortunate to get a record deal with Warner Chappell and Warner Music Skandinavia and earned my first set of studio equipment. I made my album, producing my own songs. Went to Stockholm and recorded in Cosmos studios and also Studio Bohus Gothenburg Kungälv, then owned by Dragan Tanaskovitz. Now it was the year of 2001 and I was very young, at age but I was also very immature and insecure. There was a sort of hype going around about me, a young girl producing her own material. A lot of people wanted to work with me. Sanji Tandan from Warner let me know that he liked my songs, letting me know that my productions sounded very mature. I even had a session with Robyn at the time. But I was overwhealmed. Not ready for that hype. Not ready for anything. My experiences as a child and upbringing had really taken its toll.

I started working with Protools and just fell in love with it completly. I´ve worked with Paris, Reason, Cubase VST you name it. I have worked as a teacher in music production and sound engineering at public high school in Sweden called ”Gymnasium”. I feel that my hands and all my senses is connected with this sensitive feeling of sound design. My dad told me that I have that feeling for the craft of this, and I was very surprised and happy, not used to get such compliment from him. I were in different studios working with different engineers and I always felt; ”I can do this better!” But never dared to say it out loud. Of course. In Sweden it´s not even allowed to feel that hahaha We have laws against that 😉 So sorry for that.

For so many years after this I buried my dream in the deepest mud. I never stopped making music. I devoted my life and love to it. I buried myself in it. I was happy with being in my music by myself. And never tried to get my music public. My mind just wasnt there.

Until I reached a point in my life, as I call the ”point of no return”. (Listen to the song ”Point of no return”, its about this) I just have to do it, I have no choise. My fear is that all my music will die when I die without living on. And that thaught just killed every fear of not getting it public. I love my music too much to not want it to live on. I even had to change my name to Melisha. Me-Lisha. Lisa was my birthname. I couldnt take her anymore. The person I was. Lisa was always sad, lonely and afraid. (Listen to the song ”Ghost”, its about this) Bound under the chackles of being a victim to her life and sadness. Melisha knows that the past doesnt matter. Her heart is in the future. She is different. She is happy and strong.

I started my own label. And now Im gonna just release everything. Let it out and just letting it go. FUCK IT! I dont care anymore I just have to do it 🙂 And for the first time in my life I feel complete freedom of mind. :´)

This means I am about to release 58 new productions, 10 old ones maybe some more. And then it is still a lot of productions that I will not release. Yet. You might think I am crazy. Thats ok. 🙂

I will post stupid nerdy things on this blog. Maybe interesting to some people. Maybe boring to some. But I actually hope you wont read it at all, just go ahead and listen to my music instead. For real.

Love and light to you, live your dream and fuck everything ! Sorry for my cursing. I will probably edit that out.